Monday, 12 November 2007

important people

Last week, when I was back home north visiting, I thought a lot of thankfulness. Who are the people I'm thankful to for being a ceramic artist today? This post is my Oscar speech, I send my gratitude to:
  • Mom, who was proud of me and looked at all my drawings as invaluable
  • Kindergarten teachers, who first provided clay as a material and allowed me to use it freely
  • Art teacher Christer at school, who took this teenager's interest serious and opened my eyes to what art could be
  • Ceramic teacher Hjördis Martinsson at first art school, for giving the confidence and courage to apply for university
  • Artists and guest teachers: Herman Fogelin who opened unknown inner rooms for creation and Lillemor Petersson for encouraging bravery and larger scale work
  • Studio partner Ami Lanmark for friendship and comfort in hard times.
  • Torbjörn Kvasbö, colleague at HDK, for being provocative and challenging
Also thankful to have met so many inspiring fellow students and colleagues. And to all those working hard providing situations and spaces where creativity can grow.

Wish I had a photo to show of my first candle stick holder ever, from Kindergarten, have a very clear memory of it. Sometimes I recognize this very first piece in what I do now.

Opened the kiln Friday, happy with most. Started playing around with new parts for new ceramic garlands. The pieces make very nice sounds!

Sophi K (beautiful photos) just opened this blog together with friend photographer Janette McVey. Sophi links to Berlin guide, photoblog that makes me wish I was in Prenzlauerberg.


Célia Jordão Alves said...

I wish you all the best for your work and say to you: congratulations for having the courage to pursuit your dream.

Ah! And also: thnk you for sharing your beautiful work.

Bibbi said...

Now I'm thankful to you too!

heather smith jones said...

Oh I love seeing the picture of your open kiln! and your garlands too!

Also you have reinforced for me how important {art} teachers are for children and adults to encourage & inspire budding artists! Thank you for sharing about these important people in your life.

Jen said...

Bibbi, what a wonderfully inspirational post. I am presently pondering all of the important people in my life who have helped me realize my dreams... and am so very humbled by your mention. Thank you for you kind words and for visiting our project. Hope you enjoy it :)

Bibbi said...

Thank you both, yes, it's a humbling perspective.

And yes Heather, my best art teachers on all levels were important, not for what they taught me really, but for respecting my wish to express something and to make me feel being seen.

I just remembered one more now, how could I forget about Sture Berglund...

Lylou said...

Off the sentimental subject….sexy kiln!

I absolutely LOVE your garlands! I can’t wait to see the window you are doing. It is going to be glorious (don’t you love how dramtic I can be…teehee)!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bibbi, looks very nice in you´r oven, inspiering!!Oh yes, thanks to all the inpiering people that are around us, they who were here when we were kids and all the way up to were we are now! I think that is one of the meaning of life, to encurage and inspired people, cause you get it back, in one way or another, thats life, it all comes around.
I´m so ( nyfiken) how your exebition are going, have you heard anyting?
Thank you ones again for showing us your pictures. Marika

Unknown said...

beautiful work

Anonymous said...

Thank you Bibbi for your beautiful and comprehensive blog.
Thank you for your inspireing and inexhaustible commitment in ceramic art.
Thank you for putting me on your important-persons-list.