Monday, 29 October 2007

Victoria & Albert

A few more London pictures to share...

V&A in London was not a bad place to hang out a few weeks ago. Tranquil inner yard and nice restaurant to gather new strength for another hectic gallery tour.

I love the museum, always grand exhibitions to experience and the collections are enormous, both the historical and contemporary. If not in London they are available for us all here, medieval English pottery, Turkish tiles, Indian embroideries, Korean lacquer ware, Asian ikat, glass, furniture, fashion, one can get lost...

V&A artist in residence blog here, beautiful work by Susan Lawty and museum pictures. She initiated the World beach project and invites anybody who likes doing stone drawings and patterns to take part.

Other little beautiful things to play with here.

Today I've been to a conference all day, about Culture in Schools and how to develop art as a teaching tool. At first scary feeling being surrounded by 200 teachers and head masters, transformed me into small school girl. It passed, with the shared sense of art's importance for young and old, giving room for self expression and communication.


heather smith jones said...

as an arts-educator myself for young children, i agree art is important for expression, communication (as drawing is early literacy) and for building self-worth.
i can see why you like the tile pattern in your photo; it reminds me of your design on your blog by your profile. :)

Cally said...

thanks for brilliant v&a blog link, Sue Lawty does wonderful work and I'd love to put my many stone 'drawings' on her map.

Anonymous said...

hands down one of my favorite museums - they had the most amazing Vivienne Westwood shows there a few years back.

I could spend hours looking through their collection.

Bibbi said...

Go for it Cally! I wish beaches here had soft pebbles like Sue's. Or mystic little shapes as the Danish.

V6A is a great museum. I love the way it throws me into time warps, and the grandeur of it. I saw a Vivienne Westwood directed fashion show by Berlin HDK students, in an Orangerie at a castle, more than ten years ago, unforgettable.