Wednesday, 24 October 2007

one world and Hundertwasser

I was invited to post photos at ONE world, a photo blog with lots of contributors from all over the world. It's a nice feeling, to be a co creator of a global caleidoscope of images. For some reason, not sure why, this picture popped up as my first contribution.

For a long time I had a crush for the Austrian artist and architect Hundertwasser (being a ceramist I think that must happen) after first seeing his Vienna buildings.

He was commissioned to rearrange
this school building in Wittenberg, Martin Luther Schule in former east Germany. Hard to imagine the original, square box shaped building under all this roundness and colours. My crush has calmed down but it still makes me happy just to think it's possible to do something like this.

My ongoing exhibition at KHVC Gallery in Örebro here


Lylou said...

Question: how do you link to the person's name instead of the website address. i am trying to figure that one and without any success. notice on my blog that i am using the address.

i want it pretty like yours. -grin

Bibbi said...

I think you must go to your profile page, click "edit your profile" and then I think it is, under "Identity", "Display name" you write your name. Does it work? If not, we must ask again.

I'm working on sorting my links in a way that makes sense, you'll be there as soon as I've figured that out!

Bibbi said...
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heather smith jones said...

I am in awe of your work in the show! My favorite pieces are the black garland, "Gul frukt" and the light green piece that is on a table. And of course all of your bowls! The matte surfaces and patterns just go straight to my heart! Thank you for posting the link to see it.

Susan Schwake said...

oh what lovely lovely work you have! and well, i was rather taken by hundertwasser when i saw the house in wein myself!!

Bibbi said...

Thank you Susan! "Taken" is a good word when it comes to Hundertwasser, weather you like it or not. I like your blogs, found through Heather, now a regular visitor.