Monday, 22 October 2007

PIF update and busy london

PIF update: It's so nice to see now, from my horizon, how the word is spread. Camilla and Dana responded to this morning's Pay-It-Forward invitation already, one more to go to make it nice trio, don't be shy!

A few more notes from London trip, before it's all forgotten. We had busybusy days:
Hidden Art, organisation promoting design and craft, office close to the Geffrye museum. The museum shows historical domestic interiors as well as modern design, and has a nice cafe and garden.

Tube transport and London weather walk over the bridge to
OXO Tower Wharf with all the designer studios/shops and a quick look at ongoing exhibitions.

After visiting
Victoria & Albert, spending too much time in the museum shop and after visit at Flow Gallery, we thought we were in a big hurry to make it to Contemporary Applied Arts in time, fifteen minutes to closing!

It was our lucky day, they had an opening that night
, Hue Line & Form. Instead of late, 15 minutes early, got a chance to meet curators, Brian Kennedy and Peter Ting, who put together the show in two parts for CAA, read more here. Excellent artists and crowded opening, we enjoyed.
My favourite work from the show: collaborative work by Malcolm Martin and Gaynor Dowling
CAA shows member's work and have an excellent little book shop, too.

London Eye, after all, we are tourists. I loved the ride!


Francesca said...

hi bibbi, here via camilla. just wanted to say what a great visit to london, some of my favourite places...the geffrye, CAA, V&A and hidden art. hope you enjoyed it.

Bibbi said...

Welcome! Yes, isn't London great! I'd like to go there once a week to be inspired and surprised, amazing how much one can explore in just a few days and London has so many faces. I just visited your blog, it's inspiring,I'll return.

Lylou said...

i would be delighted to be part of this 'pay it forward'. i will put up a post on it today!!

Bibbi said...

That's lovely, Lylou, you'll be the third PIF-branch from here. I'm so glad you responded! I'll email you to find mailing address.

Anonymous said...

funny PIF-thing. I'm too late here, but it's alright, cause I was lucky at smosch's blog! So I'm a PIF joiner too :)

Bibbi said...

Hej Karin! Not only are you lucky, but you will also make some people lucky yourself :)

Anonymous said...

It´s really a nice thing, even if I dont have a blogg, I like the thought of giving and reciving a hand made pice. Nice we should be doing that a lot more. The more you give, the more you recive. or?
Have a wonderful day/ Marika

Bibbi said...

The difficult thing to learn is to give without expectations of getting something back, this is a good practice! Enjoy your day too!