Tuesday, 23 October 2007

PIF finale

The lucky (I hope) three PIF receivers of hand made things from here will beCamilla, Dana and Lylou. There will also be a "consolation prize" for number four, Jossan, don't want you to be empty handed.

Thank you Heather for leading me in to this experience, it changed my Monday mood for sure.
Now I'll start working on what to send to you, and that's also a nice feeling, a little like Christmas preparations :)

Here is something I started today in the studio, killing time while waiting for a piece to dry. This shape wanted to be made over and over, will end up as leaf shape for another garland.


heather smith jones said...

thank you for keeping it going bibbi & for your email surprise :)

Unknown said...

i am so excited that i can't even wait. christmas for sure!

Susan Schwake said...

so nice isn't it? PIF is fun.