Saturday, 6 October 2007

Almost summer day, open studio

Had a nice, calm day in the studio today.

Wonderful weather, not so many visitors but good conversations about the Konstepidemin premises, the importance of art education, freedom to express oneself and such things.

And some silent time for work; mounted a few "eternal flowers" today. They get "stems" of brass thread. Cold ok, barely.

Anders Jirås, a friend and photographer came by. He is just about to leave Göteborg for Cambodia, to focus his photography work on dance theatre in South East Asia. See some of his beautiful images here.


heather smith jones said...

ooh, these pictures of your studio and work are so inspiring! there is something to be said for good conversations isn't there?

Bibbi said...

Thank you! It's nice to have interested visitors, all kinds of people with all kinds of approaches to art work. Always something to talk about, even if you never met before and never will again, I like it, the moment,