Sunday, 7 October 2007

catching up with countryside

Need to take us back in time, to days before big city life in London. Spent two days out at Nääs manor outside Göteborg, a beautifully landscaped site. The manor and park has an interesting history and is now a museum with lot of activities.

It's an amazing place, peaceful and energetic at once. 150 years ago an international craft college was founded next to the manor and visitors came from all over the world to learn the pedagogics of "sloyd". Nowadays craft and building preservation organisations fill the richly ornamented wooden buildings.

More than 50 persons representing Swedish craft groups gathered here for two days, a good place for discussions, visions and ideas in our new global era.

Nääs Konsthantverk runs a high quality craft shop and a small gallery near the main building. Sculptor Åsa Herrgård's show is over, pity if you didn't see it; thin, light, floating structures and powerful photos. Visit her web site!

Photo: Åsa Herrgård, young people practising Tai Chi, Kunming, China

Next weekend Lena Nilsson's (member of the Nääs group) unique glass pieces will be shown, here's a teaser:

Photo: Kristin Rapp, KHVC

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heather smith jones said...

the glass piece is very interesting, it look like it "grew" that way. so nice...