Wednesday, 17 October 2007

pieces of mycelia puzzle

Mycelia is the final theme of the exhibition, hand built shapes of growth that doesn't directly imitate true nature. But maybe how it would have looked in different circumstances!

It started as an installation in 2000, panorama photo by Anders Jirås here. Since, I've added and rearranged into still lives under the same name, Mycelia (from the way mushrooms spread).

Kristin Rapp works at Galleri KHVC and creates the gallery web pages. Instead of looking at my show in bits and pieces at the blog, you can look here at what she put together. I like her photos that shows the gallery space well.

Kristin is a glass artist herself, see her web page!
She makes jazzy,
sand blast glass commissions and sculptures.

Time to stop, soon the football game Sweden - North Ireland begins, and maybe Sweden will qualify for the European Championships next summer. It will be an exciting evening in the TV sofa!


Anonymous said...

I like your choice of surface texture on the ceramic sculptures. The top photo looks like this fertility symbol that I have seen on the island of Molokai, in Hawaii.

Bibbi said...

Thank you! Maybe it is a fertility symbol, it might well!

heather smith jones said...

I'm loving the white and the rounded surface texture; so nice. they seem to reflect an appreciation for a number of natural forms, from undersea life to flora.

Bibbi said...

I'm glad you like these. Yes I like what grows, and undersea life is a good clue. Marine biologist friends say they recognize things, I think someone involved with micro organisms would too. I just welcome a shape when it happens, and try to keep an open mind...

Cally said...

these are really nice, like archeological finds, love the textures and colour.