Sunday, 14 October 2007

Show is on in Wadköping

Back from Örebro and opening Galleri KHVC show in Wadköping. It's located in an outdoor museum with shops, workshops and a couple of galleries. Wooden 17th - 19th century buildings were moved here, it's like being in a time warp. People live here, in what used artists flats and studios. Very idyllic, almost surreal, an early Saturday.

Morning view from my bedroom, crisp air, clear sky.

The plan worked ok, most pieces fitted in as I thought, only a few in return. As always, good to see the work in another space than the studio. Eyes refreshed to see more clearly; connections, directions, what is side tracks and what is to be digged deeper into. Happy with the result this time, have a good feeling about how to continue from here.

Five meter bowls look like this now, L-shape. More pics will come, but today I promised myself to enjoy a lazy Sunday, hope yours is fine too!

Feffakookan, blog by generous and inspiring Mel Robson, Australian ceramic artist. Lots of ceramic links to follow from there!

Avaaz blog, organisation raising global campaigns in support of the Burmese people.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Bibbi, it is soooo nice, I`d realized that they were so big!!! Hope you enjoyed yore stay in Wadköping, it´s really a nite place, old and lots of charm.
Nice i think that the table is L-shaped, then some things are hapening to the table to. Nice nice, all the luck to you./Marika

Bibbi said...

Thank you Marika! I enjoyed Wadköping, it was nice to stay there overnight, too, and wake up to a beautiful autumn day. So many nice little details in the buildings! Did you make it to Sverker this weekend? If not, I'm sure there will be more chances to visit him. All the best, Bibbi

Camilla Engman said...

Ser väldigt fint ut.
Hade du andra föremål också? Jag får väl vänta och se.

heather smith jones said...

the view out your window is so inspiring with the fall colors and that blue fence. Your work looks so monumental on the L-shaped table and the way you have it arranged. I agree, it is always nice to see the work we make in a different setting; it gives new ideas! :)

Bibbi said...

Thanks, Camilla and Heather!
I will show more angles from the little gallery space, when pictures are more sorted, maybe thoughts more sorted too :)

Anonymous said...

Hi again bibbi, had to look in to your blog befor i hit tha sack, i realy like what I see, in your picture I mean, its realy nick that the strips from the wall is matshin the strips in your bowls!was it planned! Yes, we vent to gothenborg, BUT we missed it with one (1) hour, thought it closed at five!!! We had a great time in the big city, but it was really a shame that we missed his girls, I was so happy that I finelly was going to have them on inside of my ögonlock. Thank you for remembring to ask. Have a real nice monday, I guess that you are waiting to come on with the clay now. By the way, do you know aprox the time when konstepedemin have an open house, apr, may../ by y Marika