Sunday, 28 October 2007

lotus flowers

Lotus flower arrangements, for sale outside temple in Phnom Penh a few years ago.

Photo from Sintra webpage

Marianne Hallberg, blue and white lotus flowers at Sintra, Göteborg.

Lotus mosaic and a wonderful world of mosaic creations at Make Mine Mosaic

My show in Örebro is still here.


heather smith jones said...

thank you for the link to Sintra; beautiful glass work there, I like the balloons in the window.
Thank you too for sending us to your show; I was re-appreciating your large bowls. :)

Bibbi said...

Glad you like! I haven't seen the glass show myself yet, you are quicker but I hope to see the balloons tomorrow. I was part of that group when we started it many years ago, not anymore but friendship never dies :)

Anonymous said...

lovely flowers