Friday, 26 October 2007

Full weekend program

Full weekend at Konstepidemin:
Per Petersson and Helen Dahlman keep their studios open Saturday and Sunday 12 - 16.

Original image for commission Writ in water, sand blasted glass facade
Photo from Per's webpage

Per is my nextdoor neighbor sculptor, skilled in so many materials and techniques. He is often the one who finds technical solutions for other artists, in his own work he combines material and computer skills with a poetical mind.

The bear and the girl, photo from Helen's webpage

Helen Dahlman tells embroidered stories,
stitch by stitch, sometimes funny and sometimes scary. Always beautiful.

Brooch: “Black Star”, silver, steel. 2007, photo from Marc Monzó's webpage

Hnoss gallery opens exhibition, work of Spanish jewellery artist Marc Monzó Saturday 12-16

Photo from Konstepidemin webpage, my studio 1 cm outside image, to the right...

In the other galleries students from Valand School of Fine arts C:Art:Media program shows the result of a project led by Andrea Wollensak, Konstepidemin guest artist.

Photo from Lennart & Anna-Karin webpage

Sunday pavillion program, at 18.00: Music artists Lennart och Anna-Karin tell the story how their characters were born, as a failed attempt to bore people to death.

How many times did I write Konstepidemin now?

My friend Annie emailed this link, maybe gets us in wild and crazy Friday night mood. Enjoy your weekend!


Anonymous said...

I like this impressive drawing of the bear, his fur is so wonderful.

Lylou said...

oooo, i need to start a Konstepidemin here in athens. what a wonderful idea! i will start that in my free time...when i am not at work and not sewing. -grin

paula said...

Hej Bibbi!

Tack för biljetterna, ska få dom av Tore imorgon.
Härligt att besöka din blogg och bli uppdaterad av vad som händer uppe i dina kvarter, Konstepidemin.
Du redogör så himla bra, så det är bara att gå in och kolla och föra över till sin egna kalender.
Keep up the good work!

Trevlig, trevlig helg!


Bibbi said...

Karin! I'll tell Helen you liked it tomorrow.

Lylou! Start in very small scale, maybe just three people and a very small space. And coffee :)

Just joking. I wish a Konstepidemin for all artists. It took us twenty years to make it work and it's a constant joyful struggle. But it must start with just a few crazy people that doesn't know the word impossible (I wasn't one of them).

Hope you have a great weekend!

Bibbi said...

Tack, jag slickar i mig. Vilka fina bilder du hade på Marcos smycken! trevlig helg du med!