Friday, 19 October 2007

paté de verre and painters

Back in normal studio life again, feels fine. Long lunch breaks with Konstepidemin colleagues, we have so much to talk about. Playing around with ideas, more and more crazy plans for art projects, lots of laugh. Feeds me for afternoon solo work session.

This weekend's open studios will be at artists Andreas Roth and Tina Jerkenstam, Saturday and Sunday 12-16.

Part of How do you want to live? Photo from Andreas web page

The picture above is on paper but Andreas also fills gallery walls from floor to ceiling with sentences, captivating maps of communication.

Work by two guests at Konstepidemin, visual artist Andrea Wollensak and sound artist Brett Terry can also be seen/heard. Listening sites; tracking stories
, a satellite project in the ongoing Gothenburg International Art Biennial.

The work is reported at this website. Much of the truly poetic experience of the exhibition space is lost, not being able to see the beautiful photos, listen to the voices, read the words. Prefer being surrounded and with full senses. Computer screen is poor, but gives stranger's glimpses of Göteborg.

Daddy, photo Lars Åsling

Those who missed Lars Åsling's open studio last weekend get at second chance to see his work, exhibition at Olsson & Uddenberg gallery opens Saturday.

Lena Nilsson opened a show at Nääs Konsthantverk outside Göteborg, last week. She makes reliefs in the glass technique paté de verre, the most time consuming you can imagine. Result is well worth the effort.

Photo Kristin Rapp, KHVC

I wish you a joyful weekend!

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