Friday, 1 February 2008

my moss garden

It rains so much you can see the moss grow. This is right outside my studio door, sometimes I can't believe I'm in the middle of a big city. Since a parking garage was built on the other side of the hill I haven't seen the deers, though (or heard them bark, scary sound). I hope they are still there.

Konstepidemin gallery openings tomorrow, Saturday:
Main gallery: Mikael Olofsson Erotica
Boiler room gallery: Ann Strömland Väggö
Hnoss: Ulrich
Reithofer, Austria
Blå Huset: Amalia Kenamets, Re:ligion - unholy alliances

Lovely Hearts 2 opens today at Artstream Gallery. Many blogfriends submitted small artworks to benefit breast cancer research.
Read more here, in Susan's blog.
Shop here.

Man and animals, in peace, Ashes and snow, Gregory Colbert, beautiful photo.

Hope your weekend will be full of joy.


paula said...

Fantastiska bilder ifrån Gregory Colbert. Verkligen fridfulla och "tysta", nästan så att man kan se tystnaden i bilderna.

Ska försöka mig på en kulturlördag, så vi kanske ses imorgon.

Trevlig trevlig helg!

Susan Schwake said...

bibbi! thank you so much for the mention... we had a horrible ice storm last night so only a few attended. it's all online though for the month for sale.
thanks again so much,

Andrea Tachezy said...

Bibbi, you are a happy girl - I would love to hear the deers bark, even it is a scary sound.What about your work, how it is going?Have a nice weekend without storms.

Cally said...

fabulously lush moss!

it's strange how the animals i most like to encounter in the night (owls, deer, foxes) make such scary noises.

Bibbi said...

Good morning!

Paula, jag tar galleribesöken till veckan, det blev inte så många i helgen :)

Susan, I hope you'll get a lot of visitors, and customers!

Andrea, work is on its way I think, feel more confident now. Went back into old ideas and found them very useful now. And is not so stressed anymore, thank you for asking.

Cally, yes it's strange, but they must have something to scare us off with, I guess. You are lucky who live where you can meet more animals.

mansuetude said...


i don't think i have ever seen a moss like that! It looks like a jellied candy. That link to Ashes and SNow really was just for me. I have an inner thing with elephants--the old wrinkled skin, the majesty, the memory; the photos were amazing, when they bow to each other.
Hope you are dreaming peacefull dreams.

heather smith jones said...

Bibbi, the bottom image is amazing! The leaves look to be made of jel!