Friday, 29 February 2008

wooden houses

"Leap day" a new word for me. Like a bonus day; after fulfilled deadline at office job I skipped. Took a walk in the bright sun, took a rest.
More kolam next week, more developed Swedish here:
Kurbits walldrawing sticker, by Hanna Werning

Berit Jonsvik presents her new website (another inspiring neighbor at Konstepidemin). She works in different materials and techniques, small and big scale, always sensitive, always making experiments. I like her small sculptures very much, Fabula and Future islands and Under the black cloud.

Wish you a nice weekend, peace and fun!


paula said...

Hej Bibbi!

Visst var det en härlig vårdag idag! Kul att du bloggat Berits hemsida, jag träffade henne förra måndagen när jag tog en promenad och då jobbade hon för fullt med sidan, den blev ju bra! Måste komma ihåg att säga det till henne.
Allt gott och trevlig helg!


mansuetude said...

Lots of little houses going around the blogs--seen five at least now.

i love those little future islands, and a lot of Berit's other work; she seems intelligent. Which is nice, isn't it.

Leap day--ahh, did you play leap frog? Have a wonderful wonderful, Bibbi.

Bibbi said...

hoppas du har en fin helg!

Mansuetude, I don't know what a leap frog does! Leap is a completely new concept to me :) Will look for houses.