Saturday, 9 February 2008

coulour needed

Spring is in the air, but a gloomy Friday needed some colour.

Rosemarie Fiore, innovative approach to methods
Firework Drawings

via Dear Ada

Color lovers
Pink and blue project, scary

Kris Color stripes

Hope your weekend is bright and sunny!


j said...

lovely pictures.

interesting links. the color project: blue/pink. when my oldest girl was a few months old, a passer by stopped to look at the baby, complimented me on a cute boy. kept chatting, she was talking about boys, so I told her my baby was a girl (she was wearing a blue dress). the woman gave me an angry look. said she thought she was a boy because she was wearing blue. yes, ma'am- a blue dress! :) but marketing, commercialism pushes it's own agenda and people get swept along.

really scary: how many things (clothes, toys) those children have!

Ms. Fiore killed the roadrunner. :(

Otherwise- she'd be a lot of fun

coloredsock said...

hey there! i've been loving your blog. so much fun. thanks for all the color inspiration. i loved those firework drawings and jessica snow's work. and those tile stoves are AMAZING! they wouldn't be practical at all here (too cold). we have a cast iron stove, but still, i'd love one of those just as a sculpture! enjoy those spring flowers...

mansuetude said...

Love your is sunny here, i guess the sun is our flower of flowers! We all miss it when its absent.

Great links. I'd love to run over all the self help books with a lawn mower too. They make people twitch. Love the color site, too. didn't a famous guy draw with fire or something, like those firework drawings, only colorless?

( :

i am smiling upside down.

Bibbi said...

Jackie, I agree, it's not innovative at all to kill roadrunne, didn't see the poor thing :(

Jenny, thank you! I actually think Annika's stove is constructed in a very heat efficient way inside, though it looks so just lovely :)

Mansuetude, maybe you think of Cai Guo Qiang? wanted to link to him for a long time, but the website videos doesn't seem to work, look here:

mansuetude said...


Thanks so much for this link. Sat here drinking my coffee staring at his images--some are so free of restraints, i see other things. There is so much, and so many images; diversity of thought! Thanks, i wouldn't have found it alone-- ! !

Unknown said...

wonderful photos!!!