Wednesday, 27 February 2008

a piece of france

India yesterday, Europe today. I'm just sitting here, small world :)

One more French café, Le Pain Francais, opened at Engelbrektsgatan, but the original at Husargatan is still the best, where you can watch the bakers work while having a fika. Also best because it's located next block to both office and studio...

Can't show so much from the studio this week, have a deadline at office job.

Thank you for nice response to kolam post. Especially from Ms Masala Chai, Indian art and design (Be kind rewind her second blog for everything else) who knows how they are done See her Vandana Jain post yesterday, corporate mandalas.

Virginia Fleck plastic mandalas
Style files


Ana said...

Lovely pictures and the kolam design on your floor was lovely. I actually like that it looks worn. Most things look so pretty worn :)

j said...

my favorite pastries have fruit fillings.

yesterday, my husband stopped for lunch at a French cafe, and had Portuguese soup. :)

mansuetude said...

i was glad masala chai
added to the conversation yesterday, too. i like when dialogue erupts. :)

Hope you are well, i bit your sweet rolls, in my mind. hope you forgive me. :)

Bibbi said...

True, what is used is more interesting. You are welcome to share sweet rolls every day! These have raisins so you might like them, Jackie.