Friday, 22 February 2008


Wish I could show you the storm outside, it's powerful! Happy to be inside. Spotted one more sure sign of spring, it's really here now.

Camilla posted photos from my place yesterday. Promise to show how the floor is decorated soon (can't live up to the mystic beauty of the video, but was inspired!)

Karin Eriksson, ceramic artist, posts photos from Stockholm Furniture Fair, where she was one of the designers in Designboom Mart.

Sneak peeks of their collaboration. Looks great! and fun.

Maybe we can learn something from this:
David Parrish
"Helping creative people make their businesses and organisations even more successful
by bringing together creative people (the T-Shirts) with smart business thinking (the Suits)"

Or maybe just relax.


sandra said...

meeen så tjusigt med blommande träd! vilken bra start på helgen. hoppas att din blir riktigt fin :)

Andrea Tachezy said...

Welcome spring!

Camilla Engman said...

Det är väldigt fint men också lite läskigt med dom där blommorna. Det är trots allt bara februari, det räknas till vintermånaderna.

mansuetude said...

Those flowers, again, the Spring is so early for you: ?

Who can live up to any mystical beauty--our hearts give us the glimpse and we try to live a hint of the integrity. Our whole lives, an attempt at expressing a pattern of that mystery.

A good heart trying to express itself well, is as about as close as we get, at least I think. Your show will be (of) you~ beautiful.

Bibbi said...

Good morning! The flowers are lovely as every spring, but there is this odd feeling something is wrong. Right now the meteoroligists can't tell what season we are in, no statistics fit.

heather smith jones said...

Bibbi- Do you mean it's too early for the blossoms to be opening?
I enjoyed seeing a little peek of your place at Camillas. I like the design you painted on your floor too, and imagining the sound it makes to walk across your floor. :)

paris parfait said...

How wonderful to see Camilla's peeks into your beautiful place. Those flowers are just gorgeous!

Anonymous said...
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