Tuesday, 12 February 2008

krama scarves

What a nice surprise today! Had lunch with Anders Jirås, photographer friend who moved to Pnom Penh, Cambodia some months ago. He is on a short visit in Göteborg and brought me presents, look!

Cambodian kramas, the most useful cotton scarves you can think of.
My potter colleague on the photo wears it right, photo from a few years ago.

Anders photos from Phnom Penh, besides the beautiful dancers look at:
Amazing Panorama of the Brayuvangs Pagoda
Kite festival

Kramas with a song:


mansuetude said...

lovely scarfs; lovely fun sounds; had a few Cambodian students--one actaully cooked something for me, and the stories they would tell! So generous.

Have a grace-filled work and day.

Andrea Tachezy said...

Wonderful present Bibbi and miam miam sounds funny

Bibbi said...

Hello! I don't know many khmer words, "klang" means both music and sound. Hope your day are good too!

mansuetude said...

are you hiding the sun in your bag today?

Bibbi said...

no, mansuetude, it is fully released today, dancing in the sky. At least here :)

mansuetude said...

please, go out and tell the sun i miss it--can't wake up... ;)

j said...

those are beautiful scarves

blog culture design said...

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