Thursday, 21 February 2008

japanese packaging design

The other day, had vegetarian sushi for lunch.

This week has good rythm, relaxed flow in studio work. Don't have anything new to show you yet but feel content. Grateful. Thinking of how to show my work at Lerverk in April. And what to show. And what is missing.

Ping Mag, online design magazine based in Tokyo
Japanese packaging design imitating nature
Japanese gift packaging design
PingMake -interviews with Japanese makers


j said...

that looks delicious.

glad you are feeling relaxed. looked at the link: Lerverk. hope you share lots of pictures with us.

Lylou said...

i have had a wonderful week as well. relaxed, but energized...i wonder if the lunar eclipse could have played a part in the beauty of the week. I certainly have been on the upswing. thanks for staying with me through the rough means a lot.

Bibbi said...

Good morning! Absolutely, there will be photos.

I also thought about the eclipse as an explanation for good mood. Or maybe it's just the light returning, means so much.

I'm glad you are both here :)

Alexandra Hedberg said...

ja, nu vill jag allt se vad du arbetar på (nyfiken på lite mer processbilder)... Eller så får jag hålla mig till tåls till april - min atelje´ligger så nära att jag inte på något sätt kan missa din utställning!