Monday, 11 February 2008

little stories

Amalia Kenamets shows work in progress Re:ligion, at Blå Huset Konstepidemin.

"What's inside" art for a cause, 100 artists creating meaningful and inspiring boxes, Mary Lou Zeek Gallery
Little stories by William Skrips

Spent the most lazy weekend, so nice but now I'd better focus the energy.
May creativity flow in all artists' studios this week!


paula said...

Hej Bibbi!
Vilka fina bilder från Amalias utställning du tagit och lagt in! Jag bara älskade hennes fina skåp/objekt! Tog själv några bilder men det blev knasigt ljus... och kommer saker inte till sin rätt, så ska de inte användas.
Vilket fint galleri du hittat... The Mary Lou Zeek Gallery.
Alltid lika inspirerande att vara här och kolla.
Allt gott!


Keep up the good work!

Susan Schwake said...

so pretty these images with worn wood. happy monday bibbi!

rebecca said...

You have such a beautiful blog - I always look forward to visiting. I have a little week spot for Göteborg, so it's so nice to see familiar places through your photography and adventures.

I have linked to you on my blog because I have awarded you with a You Make My Day Award ;)

More information over at my blog.

mansuetude said...

its interesting to see ocean beaten "drift" wood--it always since childhood reminds me of Maine (the coast) and Cape Cod (Massachusetts) which is where I often saw it.

My mother loved it--and to connect it with Religion makes the sea (which is the deepest thing on earth ?) a sort of spiritual link to the way the constant movement of waves always, always persists--to smooth off the sharpest edges of our log sodden bodies and minds. It links to so much poetic symbolism.

Is religion a sort of drift wood in contemporary culture? Faceless except for what we project onto it???

heather smith jones said...

I'm so glad you had a relaxing weekend because it seems you are always so busy Bibbi!
Yes I agree w/ Susan, the worn wood in the work above is nice & a loved surface, like your clay surfaces. I like the pink paint & gold too in the middle piece.

Hoping for much creativity with you too!

Bibbi said...

Good morning! glad you enjoy Amalias drift wood, would have liked to post a few other, more complex works too, but the restaurant was so busy and I couldn't ask the guests to move.

Thank you Rebecca! Nice to find even more interesting blogs. I'm honored by the award!

Mansuetude, like your interpretation of driftwood and spirituality.

Heather, yes I'm busy and sometimes don't know how to make it, timewise. Same as for many of us, double working artists and parents. But I seem to have an on/off button to switch :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing the "Whats inside" link. what a beautiful thought and what lovely interpretations;)


bibbi , these are exquisite. And I'm with purplehomes on the 'whats inside' link. I remember in Art School we had to put together an assemblage of sorts in a shoe box :) It was fun as well as magical to see all the little worlds ppl created. Something very quaint about it.


Also, you might like this

Bibbi said...

Purplehomes and Masala Chai, I like so much how the comments follow the earth's moving around it's axes and the rythm of the day!
Will look at 100 chairs, have a good day :)

cynthia korzekwa said...


Bibbi said...

Thank you Cynthia! Your blog is really delizioso, vero!