Monday, 4 February 2008


This week begins with clay.
Stamps, some made of clay and a few small wood print stamps I bought in the V&A shop in September, have seen similar in Asian design shops too. First time I try them, they work well.

I like to stamp slabs of clay, makes the shaping much easier and looks nice. Stamps are easy to make, carved in leather hard clay.

How to make ceramic roller stamps

Janis Mars Wunderlich, ceramic figures (somehow reminds me of Swedish cartoon figure Socker-Conny) via Musing about mud
Vineet Kacker, spiritual ceramic work


mansuetude said...

I love this post! :) the stamps. You can stamp my forehead with a symbol in ink with one of those.:)

Really enjoy the link to those Spiritual markers, too: the carved quality and the way the glazes are used, scratched into, the shino qualities. Nice connection to the stamps.

Hope you are well.

heather smith jones said...

I like these stamps; the "flower" type ones in the top image, and the handles on the ones in the lower image. I didn't know you used stamps.

Unknown said...

Hi,i have been a regular reader of ur blog..and i really like your work and ur blog;) Never got around to leaving a msg, but today's entry made me do so. I recently attended a workshop by ceramic artists Pollie & Garry( They use a lot of stamps on clay.I thought it might be of interest to you..;)

marie-louise said...

Ja, det är verkligen roligt att jobba med stämplar och att göra mönster. Jag gör också det ibland och det är läckert att man kan skapa så många variationer genom att bara ändra anstånd osv.
Ytor och strukturer är kul.

Anonymous said...

I love these! & I was to feature Vineet Kacker later this week :)

Andrea Tachezy said...

I love all kind of stamps.

Bibbi said...

Hello stamp lovers!
Besides making pretty patterns I find it more easy to shape slabs or pieces of clay the way I wish.

Welcome Purplehomes, and thank you for the link! I visited your blog and saw how much fun you had at the workshop, will visit again :)

Masala Chai, I'm so happy to have discovered his work and I wouldn't have without your blog! Please show us more of him. There is a Swedish connection, he was here a couple of years ago for a glass workshop, will try to find photos from there :)

Hej Marie-Louise! Och det är roligt att jobba med flera lager av dekor, först stämplar, sen engober, sen måla oxider...

paris parfait said...

I haven't seen the clay or ceramic stamps - must have missed that at the V&A. I'm there practically every time I'm in London.