Wednesday, 9 April 2008

two ceramic temperaments

This is a double post, we are off skiing over the weekend and I want to show the two ceramic shows I saw this week, before leaving.

Photos above:
At Lerverk, the gallery where my show opens next week, Jussi Ojala's majestic vessels are on show. Incredible glazed surfaces.

Photos below:
At Sintra (click "gallery") Chris Vicini shows delicate, detailed, delicious porcellain pieces.



Ed Mahony said...

The ceramics look great. They are really big though. How did you make them?

Bibbi said...

Wish I did :)

I think Jussi Ojala throw his pieces, they are about 30 cm high.

Chris Vincini seems to mix hand modelled with slip casted pieces in his work. Sizes vary, the wall piece length is about 35 cm, so is the sculpture.

heather smith jones said...

Bibbi- these are great finds; I always am in awe of the artists you know and feature here. I'm really drawn to Vicini's work, it is so full and delicate.
Have a wonderful ski trip!

mansuetude said...

Yes, two temperments.

Love the crackle glaze! you can see his finger marks in the top photo, and almost still feel it all "happening" --morphing into life; from raw clay, his touch through to the kiln's markings.

I'd Love to go skiing. Its spring, but right now I crave a blizzard of snow and blinding light to white wash my insides … even if just for a day.

Enjoy . :)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, look at those ceramic mushrooms. I think I'm in love!

Bibbi said...

Happy you like them! And happy the craft galleries in Göteborg are so active in inviting artists; both the local and the international.

Tonight I'll sort my snow photos from Norway, and you will envy the Norvegians along with me :)