Monday, 28 April 2008

more local happenings

Anna Eggert

Made a very relaxed Konstrunda on Saturday. Sorry for this poor photo report, ran out of camera batteries. They recharged enough to take one photo every half hour, so there is not much to choose from. Wanted to show more from glass and fiber artist Anna Eggert's studio than only the one above, she promised to send me some instead.

Didn't leave Klippan, an area by the river mouth where the buildings used to house a sugar plant and a famous brewery, Carnegie porter. Nowadays all kinds of small manufacturers rent spaces, and many artists studios, here. Here is also Röda Sten contemporary art center where the School of Photography graduate exhibition opened.

Now seems more a time for touring local artlife than web sites and blogs. Must be a combination of approaching summer and season finale for galleries, graduations from schools and such. Haven't been through the whole year cycle of blogging yet, only guessing.

Wish you a Monday full of energy and sun!

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mansuetude said...

i like your last paragraph with its interior thinking... i have been asking myself, "do people really blog in the spring and summer" ? I've not been through a year of blogging either, so these must be "first timer's" interior debates. :)