Wednesday, 2 April 2008

ice by northern artist

Photos from Anna-Sofia Mååg website

Final winter post, here all snow is gone now.

Not until a few weeks after I saw the Swedish movie "PingPong-Kingen" I found out it was Anna Sofia Mååg who created the ice sculptures for the set. It's a funny/sad story shot in a wintery landscape, first I thought I didn't like the film much but it really grew.

Anna Sofia is a ceramic artist living far north in Sweden, did ice sculpting before for the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi. She says the best thing with ice as material is that it doesn't need firing! But she is clever with clay too. See the whole ice process here.

Web cams from Ice Alaska, World Ice art Championships, that just closed but the sculptures are still there.

This must be final winter post.

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Anonymous said...

Mm... visst är AS Måågs iskonst underbar! Jag testar på isskulpering den här veckan med utgångspunkten Från 0 till ..? Hur långt kan man komma när man börjar med ett nytt material? Kika in på

ifall du blir nyfiken