Saturday, 26 April 2008

double dog at Nääs

Petter Hellsing houses

Margon Lindberg

Delivery to Nääs Konsthantverk shop yesterday, where my work is for sale from now on. Next weekend is the grand opening of their new premises at Nääs slott. They already sneak opened, first the ground floor shop and the gallery upstairs. Next is the cafe and later on, on the top floor, artist in residences and seminars. Lot's of potential!

Here photos from the ongoing exhibition Dubbel hund (Double dog)
Petter Hellsing, embroidery and sculpture
Margon Lindberg, ceramic and photograhy

As always these days I'm behind, show open until Sunday only, well worth a visit. I don't know how much collaboration there is behind their exhibition, but the comments to important global and existential issues seem to stem from interesting discussions. I've admired their individual work before, now even more.

Have a pack of photos from the walk by the lake at Nääs, needs to sort them not to bore you off with all wood anemones.

Off to Majornas konstrunda, wish you an inspiring weekend too!


heather smith jones said...

Bibbi that's wonderful to find a new shop for sales!

Bibbi said...

Yes, it's such a nice space and the artists who runs it are enthusiastic, I'm so glad.

mansuetude said...

Thanks for the Peter Hellsig link. I think his "streams" and "fire" series really inform some of the thinking your work stirs in me--

Peace, and Joy. Bird song here!