Tuesday, 15 April 2008

ceramic figures

Photos from Shalene Valenzuela website:
Top: Ironing Things Out- Baking, ceramic, 2007

Middle What little girls are made of..., ceramic, 2005
Bottom: Tea Party: Tea for 2, ceramic, 2005

Shalene Valenzuela kindly allowed me to borrow photos from her website. At first they look so sweet, so sweet, but when you take a closer look... I appreciate her work a lot. See more here.

Ceramic figures by Vipoo,
via feffakookan

Almost finished mounting my pieces, most is packed for upcoming show. Having inner conversations with myself, telling me to be content with what is in the boxes. Next step was within reach but not possible to take yet, time to short. Be content and then continue.


Alexandra Hedberg said...

jag ser fram emot att se din utställning. Lycka till med alla förberedelser!

mansuetude said...

Bibbi, i think that place between where we stand and the "as of yet out of reach" waits, i think that space is sacred--creativity asking us, inviting us, forward into itself.