Thursday, 17 April 2008

inside outside

Was up early today, the wood anemones were not awake yet.

Almost finished hanging the show. Very small sneak peek today, window views. Inside out and outside in. Proper photos will come, today was not the day for taking photos. Today was the day for fixing little details.

My sculptor neighbour Per Agelii added another football sculpture to his blog Lagbygge (Team building). He writes so nice in Swedish, here parts in rough translation:

As a sculptor and leader for a boys football team, the idea of a show with the theme (team building) came up. I want to make the art audience interested in football and the football audience interested in art - Football is art!

...Create identity and interest for the roles on the field. What you do, what is important, the quality of every player...create discussion, how we build the team, how everybody gets involved? Different capacities, when and where are they best used?

Scuplptures shall work a space, just like actors on a stage or a player on a football field. To buid a football team is a proper and good task for sculptures.

Sculptures Around the world. You can add what's missing.


Anonymous said...

jag gick förbi lerverk idag och tjuvtittade lite genom fönstret. såg fint ut! ses på lördag, tack för inbjudan :)

mansuetude said...

Beautiful-- the reflective image i love, and it shows us so much. The repetitions of shapes. Love the sense of unity you evoke, as always.

There is a feeling, for me of willingness-- to open toward and hold what comes; a feeling of listening (as if evoking an ear) and also of various stages of spilling open, too. Of holding up, and of releasing. A sense of bone, and flower, of infinite circling, lightness. Of a place i could come drink little sips of light or rain.

very lovely. Blessings on your show, Bibbi--and on you! ') Thanks.

Bibbi said...

Sandra, kul att ni kommer!

Mansuetude, I can come back again and again and sip from your words, thank you so much. Joy!

heather smith jones said...

i love the white, black and blues here. they really seem to express your idea of joy & sorrow. i wish i could see your show in person and meet you bibbi!

Susan Schwake said...

bibbi i just love your work. each and every piece. best of everything for your show....