Monday, 7 April 2008

some flowers are still fresh

Some flowers are still fresh.
So many things happened I didn't follow, last weeks, like...

Frida found a book
Andrea made beautiful prints and so did Camilla.
Masala Chai shows Vicky Roy's photos of life as a street kid.
Mel Robson is almost finished with her project, looks beautiful!
Alexanda also had a birthday party, and later missed it
Wrong distance had tea
Susan interviewed Ulla Milbrath, Ullabenulla, at Artstream
Heather opened a shop

...and so much more.
Wish you a week full of things to explore.


paula said...

Vilka fiiiiiiiiina blombilder, gillar verkligen dessa close ups!
Ha en bra vecka!


mansuetude said...

Thanks for sharing Mel Robson's project. It hit me perfectly. The poem she quotes from her project poet Thomas Shopcott and his house is in parts so lovely!

I love these lines:.

Something is said
beyong giving--
we are now
and lasting, not ashes.

Its nice to hear of a poet i wouldn't ever have read. And the work produced out of it, i love. thanks thanks. :)

Peace to you!

Andrea Tachezy said...

What a wonderful pictures Bibbi! The top on is brilliant.
And thank you for mention my prints here.

Anonymous said...

god lord...what kind of camera do you use? i really need to invest in a good camera.

heather smith jones said...

thank you for the mention bibbi!

paris parfait said...

Beautiful photos and thanks for the links!