Thursday, 3 April 2008

necessary break

That cup is waiting for me, today was first day for outdoor coffee break.

Before: planning for how all my little pieces will come together. After: long information about the new rules for income declaration and taxes.

The 7 fingers, Canadian contemporary circus company visits Sweden in April. I wish this would happen in my street too.

More people, illustrations by David Pohl
His blog Find the time to rhyme


j said...

yesterday, ice. today, beach chairs. :)

is it tax time all around the world?

mansuetude said...

hope you enjoyed your time in the sun. still pondering the birthday, i imagine, sipping good coffee. Soaking it in.


thought you might enjoy this.

Bibbi said...

Jackie, everything is in motion:) Yes, I think we all look into tax forms these days. Here it's a totally new system, lots to learn.

Mansuetude, you are so right, sipping and soaking it in, I'm so content. Peace.

Masala Chai, I do enjoy, thank you :)