Thursday, 13 March 2008

stairs to climb down

The other day was such a beautiful morning, suddenly I started seeing so many towers stretching upwards.

Up in the sky; Cloud appreciation society
search "Kelvin-Helmholtz wave clouds" or just enjoy the amazing variety in something we see every day (at least here on the west coast)
via Wrong distance

Jacob Löber Buchmann, ceramic figures, click Werkübersicht


j said...

beautiful photo. such depth. like a painting.

the Cloud Appreciation Society had fantastic photos- thanks.

they also have a manifesto...hmm

Anonymous said...

Looks and sounds every bit like a beautiful morning.

cheers, gracia

mansuetude said...

what a beautiful photo bibbi! the rhythms of it, the way the buildings seem like ancient souls lining up to receive the morning light. to honor the rising sun. you have such a lovely ciy! happy birthday.

karin said...

Dramatic way to start a morning :)
Like the wrong distance-link.

Bibbi said...

Thank you all! Yes it was a special morning, glad you felt it too.

Anonymous said...

vilken fantastiskt vacker tornbild! fint att ses igår, hoppas du fick ordentligt med sömn. vi fick skrikväckning klockan åtta som vanligt ;) då hann vi få frukost på le pain francais (desperat försök att vara positiv).