Tuesday, 18 March 2008

season backlash

Yesterday was the coldest day this year, mean icy wind. Winter at Konstepidemin, neighbor Per's stone blocks dressed in snow. I didn't want to go outside. Poor flowers.

About the Denmark trip; I wish we could make one together, sit and chat in the cafeteria or even better if it's a summer day, up on deck. Watch the mix of people on board, truck drivers, families on their way to holidays with wild kids newly released from car belts, backpackers trying to look as if above the common crowd, elderly ladies with nice hairdo.

And all of a sudden be in another country, similar but yet so different.

Stephan Färber's photography
at Behance Network, platform for networking, portfolios and collaboration.

Swedish school Kulturverkstan:
2-årig kulturprojektledarutbildning, dags att söka till nästa läsår.
Kontakt: info@kulturverkstan.net



Bibbi,I just found out abt the Behance Network last night, an Indian artist I featured sometime back had been selected to showcase his work with the other artists. Great showcase I have to say.

As for the snow pics - ironically they look so tempting to me. The mercury is slowly rising here and it's getting very hot and sultry. sigh. I can only dream of cold winters and hot chocolate.

Anonymous said...

Poor sad flowers!

I love the photo of the building. Such serenity....

infing said...

Åhh...vilka fina bilder, gillar!

mansuetude said...

your photos are a pleasure.

though it made my toes cold.;)

j said...

I'd love to go to Sweden and to Denmark. not likely any time soon, but your pictures take me one step closer. maybe in a couple of years.

and everything will look oddly familiar to me, because I've seen it all though I've never been there before. :) and my husband and I will meet up with you for - what do you call it? fica?

here in the USA, fica is a tax. really.

Anonymous said...

Such a cold day never looked so good... beautiful photos.

Susan Schwake said...

ah we too had the coldest day bibbi, and now we wake to snow again! sigh. where are the buttercups and primroses?
your photos are beautiful however.

mansuetude said...


popped over to look at your snow again... it should be warm here today... and i am thinking. Will we be in the web pages complaining about hot hot heat heat in a few months??? :)

it makes me grinn big smile to think of it... how humans are always wanting (something). :)

Peace to you.

Unknown said...

dear bibbi, this is a nice blog and it looks really cold there, wished we had some snow here, tks for sharing :)

Bibbi said...

Glad to see names new to me! Thank you for nice comments! And glad to be able to share some snow with you all!

paris parfait said...

Simply beautiful photos, Bibbi! As for icy wind, we had it in Paris - but I expect not nearly as icy as in Sweden! Happy Easter!