Friday, 7 March 2008

stroll along the beach

Frida Fjellman

Mia E Göransson

Renata Francescon

"It's no longer as it was to stroll along the beach" is the name of a craft exhibition, produced by the small but clever Dalslands museum. The show toured and is now at Röhss museum. It is all about artists' relation to nature and it's symbolism. Which us Swedes are known to have a strong, almost religious connection to, nature.

Curated by Love Jönsson, mostly younger artists, but also a couple of reminders of the radical sixties.

Sofia Björkman
Frida Breife
Tabea Dürr
Frida Fjellman
Agneta Flock
Renata Francescon
Mia E Göransson
Agnieszka Knap
Anders B. Liljefors
Jakob Robertsson
Charlotte Sinding and the group

Wish you all a fun and fulfilling weekend (including March 8)!


Camilla Engman said...

ser ju väldigt spännande ut. Får ge mej ut på en runda i stadens utställningslokaler.


I love those volcanoes , adorable !

mansuetude said...

why is this? the comment you write, its "about artists' relation to nature and it's symbolism. Which us Swedes are known to have a strong, almost religious connection to, nature."

You are one with your culture, but from outside, "WHY" is this statement a "known"? Is it in fact of local lore, the natural architecture of the country? Its landscape? The sun patterns? In literature, film? Can you (please) explained a bit more?

The wind is so strong here today, it could knock a bird's nest out of a tree. Any minute I expect a squirrel to go flying past. :)

Bibbi said...

Yes, and the whole show is really interesting!

Mansuetude, your good questions need a much more serious answer than I give you. Quickly; in Sweden we are not very close to a daily religious practice as in many other cultures. Not many go to church sermons, make prayers etc. as a natural part of the day. "Us" here is of course generalizing.

Exchange the word "religious" for "spiritual" is maybe better, the spiritual practice is for many Swedes put in a strong sense of connection to nature (as it is in other cultures too). We live in a rational society, where spirituality cannot be expressed everywhere, nature is a free zone.

Being in a country where nature doesn't make it easy to grow crops, wher people have, for generations, lived isolated in a landscape of forests and mountains, nature is itself the cathedral for worship of "something higher".

My comment was personal and not from the curator's intention with the show. Love Jönsson has written an intersting interesting, too long to translate, reflecting on the opposit views on nature, mirrored in artists' work.

Tender care versus devastation, fascinating beauty versus destructive powers of disasters, fragility and threat. And he concludes there is not one common standpoint among artists, many voices.

I wish you were closer. Don't let the squirrels hit you :)

mansuetude said...

thanks for all these words!!. I love how you say "nature is itself the cathedral" * very beautiful. :)

ps.: I always duck for flying squirrels. (ha, that should be on a t-shirt).