Wednesday, 5 March 2008

slow revolution

Flooding sun, compensation days are here for all the gloomy winter behind us.

Got an email the other day from Andy Horn from Craftspace, a craft development organisation based in Birmingham, England. Craftspace seems to have a very fresh approach to defining craft and craft artists. Read more about what they do here.

He wrote about his new research project Slow, investigating the connection between craft and the slow movement (slow food, slow cities), a collaboration with artist Helen Carnac.

The project has a blog, and ask people to take part in the debate:
Making a slow revolution

Already revolutionary:
Bean Finneran, ceramic and colour


sandra said...

jag blir extra glad över att vara hemma i göteborg igen när jag ser dina bilder. de är så vackra! och för mig så göteborg. hur kan man inte tycka om den här stan.

Unknown said...

Hi, thanks for sharing this amazing link on Bean Finneran..absolutely gorgeous forms n colors

j said...

beautiful photography. the composition on the shadow photo is wonderful; the way you caught the shadow continuing off as branches

heather smith jones said...

I saw a show of Bean Finneran's work a few years ago at a regional museum and was amazed and completely inspired!! Thank you for reminding me of this work.

What a great building, nice tree shadow, and look at those windows!

Bibbi said...

Lucky you, Heather who saw Bean Finneran's work for real!