Monday, 10 March 2008

mail from India

As a result of kolam-posts I received nice messages from India:

Found colourful blog An Indian summer, Indian interior design.
Discovered Tara Books, an independent Chennai based publishing house. Beautiful and thoughtful books and stationary.

See here how their hand crafted books are made.

So much to see, so little time these days. I'm preparing a big birthday party, a solo show and a little ski trip for the month to come, and I want to enjoy every moment of it, instead of feeling stressed. So, maybe my posting will be shorter than usual over the next weeks, and maybe I will not visit you as frequent. If I can resist.

Studio has top priority, though. Today I will continue play with flowers and smaller wreaths. Wish you a good Monday!


Andrea Tachezy said...

Good luck with everything you do, Bibbi. Wish you a good Monday too!

Bibbi said...

Thank you Andrea!

Bhavna Bhatnagar said...

I am very happy to have found you too Bibbi...added you to my blogroll :-)

mansuetude said...

looks like you spilled a whole treasure chest of bounty on a table! :) hope you are having fun... happy birthday to you , I am so happy for your birthday. My heart thinks you are shaping a wonderful heart. :)
Skiing is a great thing, especially spring skiing. Enjoy yourself!!! I am covered with sunshine

Alexandra Hedberg said...

javisst är det underbrat att ha många roliga saker att göra. Tänk; det finns faktiskt folk som har tråkigt och inte kan hitta på saker att göra.
Vilken tur vi har!

heather smith jones said...

ooh, a big birthday party, solo show, & ski trip??? that's so much goodness!
I like to imagine the sound those flowers make as you move them around, imagining their placement.

Bibbi said...

Bhavna, thank you! You have such a nice blog to visit and I'm exploring your links :)

Yes, a lot of fun coming up, but I feel a little stressed, it's hard to stay in focus doing one thing at the tims. But yes, yoga helps. Breathing too. And friends.


Ah so you have discovered Tara Books . They are truly cool. They make all these offbeat books for children and very cool unpretentious visual arts books . & They're in Chennai!