Saturday, 15 March 2008

animal park is back

Do you remember Erik Langert's animal park from February? The show is back in Göteborg and opens at the Maritime Museum today.
Erik's website.

Worrying: what happens in Tibet.
Radio Free Asia reports here.
Students for a free Tibet here.
Let's hope for a peaceful ending.

Wish you a weekend full of fun!


mansuetude said...

i was reading some about Tibet earlier at The Christian Science Monitor site. i personally, wouldn't want to be the person kicking or beating a monk. (nor anyone).

we people get easily entangled with hate and politics and don't understand what kind of Power the silence of a monk's practice creates inside psychic space. its no toy.

people should truly all of us, pray for peace among us all,always.

Lylou said...

I fear that it will never be at peace. It breaks my heart and has since I first learned about their struggles in the early 80's. So many wars....