Wednesday, 12 March 2008


There are so many beautifully crafted things at Kalebassi, in Haga here in Göteborg. West African art and craft, will be back with more photos. First some of the music instrument that Margareta, shop owner, specialises in.

Had such a good studio day, frantic clay work. No photos, in this phase it all looks very grey. As always, when preparing for a show, the process itself brings a lot of new ideas (work is born out of work, for me) there is not time to follow. Clay must dry, be fired, glazed and fired again, it takes so long.

Save the ideas that doesn't fit into the whole image this time, for later. Now I calculate what needs two firings and what can be direct fired, what must be done now and what can wait a little longer. Show opens April 19, at Lerverk. Not a too big space but of course I want to do as good as I can.

Camilla is going ceramic, looks very good! It's a collaboration with Karin for her new shop Manos.
Joe Pogan, metal birds via Purple Homes


j said...

lovely photos- love the bottom photograph.

glad you had a good day in the studio. nothing like a good, productive, day. :)

Anonymous said...

vad kul, ser fram emot lerverk!