Wednesday, 26 March 2008

spring collection - or?

Short report: still winter.

Happy with kiln result yesterday, lots of new little pieces to put together. Last week I surprised myself with a strong wish to paint flowers and leaves instead of stripes only.

Agnes Montgomery photo collage, energy
via Czina likes

Jerry Bennett, ceramic constructions


sandra said...

tjusigt bibbi! jag blev hemskt förtjust i den översta.

j said...

very beautiful. you must have a happy and satisfied feeling to look at all your hard work turning out so wonderfully.

what does the title of the post mean? what is the "or" suggesting? how come I ask so many questions? ;)

Cally said...

lovely collection, and i like how you are painting leaves and flowers, helping spring to break through the snow (beautiful snowy images on your white world post)

Ana said...

really lovely!

I hear you, we just received more snow in Canada :( Sigh. When will spring come?

mansuetude said...

i'm loving the black--and the grey tones beside it...
when i see the circles, and the colors around them, those tones seems to whisper; because of the blacks.

i am always thinking its your birthday... happy birthday...again and again.

Susan Schwake said...

bibbi- still winter here too. but your results are absolutely lovely. love love love them.

Bibbi said...

Thank you all!
Jackie, The -or? was referring to the season joke.
Mansuetude, birthday is soon :)
Happy weekend!

heather smith jones said...

oh wow, i think my jaw drops just about every time you show us your work bibbi!