Saturday, 29 March 2008

early in life

A much earlier version of me. This week was full of birthday preparations and not so much work. Have looked through most of my albums and piles of old photographs. It's fun! Realize I've lived a lot.

Today four shows open at Konstepidemin:
Bo Söderström, painter, in the main gallery
Karin Jonsson creates an installation in Pannrummet (a former boiler room with very special athmosphere)
Peter Hoogeboom, artist and jewellery designer, at Hnoss
and KV art school in the Blå Huset restaurant

Peace and joy for the weekend!
(Mansuetude, it's actually on Sunday)


Anonymous said...

Grattis på födelsedagen! Jag hoppas du får en HÄRLIG dag med mycket dans!

j said...

same smile!

Anonymous said...

här sminkar vi oss och fixar frisyren! vilken fantastisk bibbi-ute-på-isen(?)-bild. bilen blänker! du också! ses snart!

Lylou said...

too cute...i have many photos of me in the snow as a child as well, but mine are from yellowstone national park, since that is where the larson family lived at the time. oh, the good ole days. grin. happy birthday. hope you fill yourself with lots of sweets for my sweet. teehee


What a cute pic !

Happy happy happy birthday Bibbi, I hope you have a remarably beautiful & productive year ahead & I wish you the best.

mansuetude said...

Hello Birthday Girl !!!

Happy Birthday, again; & may your heart remain forever open and radient; loving and in want of peace and grace. I am glad you started a blog, its a wonderful gift to glimpse.

Love that photo of you... at very first glance it reminded me of a young Grace Kelly--the posture of light in her (your) eyes; you look like you are almost saluting to the future from the past!

Its weird how quickly time passes; all the memories collected inside and around us... May you collect many many wonderful more.

Peace and great Blessings to you (and your art). Thanks for everything you teach me.

Andrea Tachezy said...

Happy Birthday small girl on the snow! You did´t change your smile at all!

heather smith jones said...

Happy belated birthday Bibbi! Look at you, adorable and full of vision. That's an awesome photo of you.
And all your flowers! Amazing. I'm so glad I've met you.