Tuesday, 4 December 2007

vitrine art preparations

Per Petersson
is also working on a shop window for the Göteborg City Christmas event. This is what it looked like in his studio. It's up now, but it was too dark to take pictures, will take with the other artists. Friday afternoon is the official opening.

I'm almost done with my window, just waiting for the light man to do his job tomorrow morning, before I can finish.

My ceramic friend Paul Scott started a blog, I'm so glad. He will have a lot to tell about what goes on in the ceramic world and art news from northern England. And maybe also about ceramic print methods. And hopefully about his own work. First post has great photos from Göteborg! and from Guldagergaard. His website here.

We first met, ten years ago, in Hungary, at the ceramic center in Kecskemet, both invited for a month long symposium. Concentrated work, long late dinners in the center's garden, inspiration from lovely colleagues; it was a great summer. Best flea market ever, Saturdays.


Lylou said...

Per Perersson's (with 2 s's) tree is sexy...i have a thing for evergreens. i think it has to do with growing up out west. oh, who am i kidding...i think art is sexy...

i corrected Jasey's link on my blog...my bad. that is is american for 'it was my fault.' hahahahaha as if you didn't know.

Bibbi said...

I want to correct myself, have no idea what I called your friend Jasey, I'm so bad with names. Will go there now. Yes, Per is great and so is art, tree looks good out in the cityscape :)

Lylou said...

i think you called him jasey...i was just letting you know i corrected my issue with the link, silly.