Friday, 14 December 2007

friday night light

Went with the teenagers to look at the art break shop windows, they approved of my mine (close ups here).

Adrienne Riseley came to Göteborg from New Zeeland, shows "Preparations in the suburb". She mixes images from her both countries "maybe the ideal place" she said.

Michel Drouetto shows 3D animation "No time to loose".

Now it's only one window missing, didn't manage Emma Ströde today. Will come. Presentation (Swedish) of all artists in the "Art break" show here.

This is what the inner city looks like now. Pretty.

Saverio Truglia. Unreal reality. Unreal real people. In photo number 12 the man reads Göteborgsposten, our local paper, that also makes me wonder.
Via Cher Ami

Love and light for you all this weekend!


heather smith jones said...

Bibbi- Love and light to you too! I like the blue lit trees in your city and the white twinkling lights that hang like icicles. It looks dreamy and beautiful there. Are you proud of your window display? It is nice, the way it is arranged.

mansuetude said...

Thanks for the images! They really share the light and the lovely city. So what do you think about your newspaper? I don't think I would take my lunch that close to the bird cage?

I love the one with the goat--maybe because my beagle is colored just seems naural to take the goat out for a milkshake. Do you (there) call it a milkshake ?

Peace and light to you!

Bibbi said...

Mansuetude, I think it looks the opposite way, the goat took the guy out. I like many of his photos, they makes me wonder, if I don't see the ads they are for.

And milkshakes we do here too, one of the words we never bothered to translate.

Bibbi said...

Heather, I see the reply I wrote is gone, I wonder where?

I'll try again; it was about being proud, which I am for being invited to do my piece of work.

But more content than proud, I think. This set the point for a lot of work and effort this fall, that I'm so glad I've done. And also for having new openings, because of this.

I think I explained my feelings better first time...

You do very good questions!

Lylou said...

it is so delightful to see the city lights of the holidays.

mansuetude said...

Yes! I like the way you think.

Have had same strange and wonderful "offers" in my life--so far a goat has not asked me out for a drink. : )