Thursday, 20 December 2007

herman for christmas

Herman Fogelin has been a great inspiration for many ceramic artists, me included. He is the kind of person who makes you feel very talented and makes you dare take new directions.

His ceramic is as generous, maybe at it's best this time of year; so much about the pleasure of celebrating together. Lerverk, where Herman shows his work, decorated the shop even more nicely than usual this Christmas.

Short film, the sparkling official version of Göteborg these days, enjoy!

Swarovski glitter:
Chandeliers at London Design week, film.
Trash Lux at Liberty, London, film

Enjoy your day!


mansuetude said...

i enjoyed your (well edited) lovely city!

Thanks for the wonderful links, as always... We have one of those mechanical hanging chandeleirs in my city, but done with little heads of the "average" man or women, cast from real people and bronzed miniature they hang as a collective to form the molecules of a larger face--it too moves and changes face shape regularly...

Much peace and warmth your way!

Bibbi said...

Your chandelier sounds beautiful, more meaning in that than just glitter (even if glitter can be very meaningful). Wish you the same, peace and warmth!