Wednesday, 19 December 2007

brief encounters

Where I live are many pets, maybe because it's so close to the huge park, Slottskogen. Otto, the dog, is my next door neighbor's dog and the cat lives just a few doors away. I don't have have any pet myself but like saying hello to these neighbours.

I'm off for lastthingstodo before Christmas leave. Here are two Christmas free links if anybody have time to look, or save them for the weekend:

Drew Gardner photography, funny portraits and fashion.

Keith Lo Bue, jewellery; life and death and delicate surreal technology (read what they are made of, like this: "Ladies' compact case, engravings, color lithograph, opals, brass, sterling silver, seashells, sea urchin spines, photo-engraving, victorian label, map, paper, text, soil.")
Intro to a film about his work.

Take care, breath deeply.


Lylou said...

i am a sucker for a cat....and put one on the hood of a car and i scream with joy. i always say, 'i want to come back as a well kept house cat.'

mansuetude said...

it works awesome to scroll down your web page and see the blue car turn into the container for recycling or trash.. can't tell-- like the juxtaposition.

My neighbor's cat leaves paw prints all over the hood of my car--maybe we should get her a toy one of her own for Christmas and she can propel herself around town with a trunk full of mice.

Love Drew Gardner's image of the guy surrounded by the barbie dolls--they look like darts coming down on him. The jewelry/assemblage link is FANTASTIC--i am saving it to eat later, with imagination and attention.

Thank you, so...

heather smith jones said...

it is nice to meet your animal friends today Bibbi!
Merry Christmas to you dear far away friend!! Have a blessed time filled with light! :)

Bibbi said...

Lylou, I'll join you as a house cat!

Mansuetude, I didn't think of the same blue colour until I saw the images posted, and they were photographed just moments apart.

The container is for sand, I live uphill and in case street gets icy there is emergency sand to spread.

Heather, merry Christmas to you too! Yes, far away but also nearby. Safe trip!