Thursday, 13 December 2007

light is turned off

I didn't see one single Lucia all day! Will just light candles and sing to myself then.

It was dark when I left this morning and dark again when I walked home. Do you wonder we celebrate the saint of brightness now? Need to strengthen ourselves while waiting for the cycle to turn towards light again. Just a little bit more than a week left. Hold on.

More underwater inspiration AND light by Ayala Serfaty
By one of my favourite sea creatures comb jellies

Create some light in darkness with the help of (Swedish) Salvation Army Christmas Gift-machine, by Sandsjö Action


mansuetude said...

its hard to believe such darkness there... it is only about 2:00 in the afternoon here now--bright and warm (though it will drop 30 degrees by Saturday). Happy Saint Lucia day...if that is the appropriate thing to say. Light your world!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Bibbi, for beeing the light in the "bloggers syberheaven" I´m so greatful that you´r sharing your´thoughts and sights with us!! By the way is your exibition still on, at Örebro? If not, how did it go? Well I hope! Thanks ones again, and a happy Saint Luchia day,
/ Marika

Bibbi said...

Mansuetude, it's unevenly spread, warmth an light and all kinds of things. We get compensation summer time, I'm not complaining as i's rather cosy this time. Love and light!

Marika, thank you for visiting! örebro is over and it went really well with visitors and ok with sales. And it was a good starting point. Hope you are having a good time too!

Francesca said...

hi bibbi, thanks for your comment...i am also a big fan of lucie rie, i didn't realise she started late too.

just had a look at your website...beautiful work!

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Greetings from Apifera Farm in Oregon, Bibbi. I'm so glad you left a message on my blog today - I love your ceramics!!! I started in clay back in the '70's and have times when I would like to do it again. But I must focus on my drawing and painting now. I really love your glazes, and I must go back and look. I was so lucky that I have been to your beutiful country - though not you city - but I studied for three months at the Univ. of Oslo and was able to travel to Stockholm. Everyone there thought I was Swedish with my fair skin and strawberry hair - I was so flattered. I love Scandanavia, and I remember the windos, and flower boxes, and wonderful sense of design everywhere - and how, as I recall, they really supported their artists - which doesn't happen in the States. I remember my father who travelled there often on business loved Sweden at Christmas time. My new little donkey is named Lucia - so I think I must study now on your festival. I remember in Oslo in the summer it never got dark - it was odd for me, but so nice too. I will return!


Bibbi said...

Francesca, thank you!

Sheperdgirl, glad you such nice memories of this part of the world. You cannot imagine, I met a donkey today (didn't ask it's name) will show you next week :)