Wednesday, 26 December 2007

summing up

I hope your holiday was nice, with only friendly faces around you.

Our celebration was fine this year. Warmhearted spirit, no stress, not too much food. We lit candles for absent friends. And the kids got too many gifts as usual and were happy about them all.

I was Santa this year. First time, I did well, the youngest is still a believer! As you can see from the photo, the kids were a bit shaky with excitement.

Started to think of what was important with this year and prepare for next: paying all bills, putting what I can in order and cleaning mental shelves for what is to come.

We'll leave for north Sweden tomorrow evening, will be back before then.

If you need a rest from holidays:
Clare Twomey ceramic installations

and Annie Vought paper cut and installations
via Abstract the day

Somehow they feel related, little fragments of daily life and stories.


mansuetude said...

Merry Christmas, Bibbi_
I love the idea of you being Santa... a woman in role of great giver--a woman who seems to me to have lit the inner lantern; I feel the warmth everytime I visit.

Love the links--especially Annie Vought's word work. I was smitten deep.

Bibbi said...

More time for wishing happy new year now, I can't connect my computer where I am, up north, haven't read or written much since we came. So, a little late, thank you for kind words. The inner lantern is sometimes flickering, but I promised myself to work on that 2008. All my best wishes!