Sunday, 9 December 2007

art vitrines and city in light

Stig Lindholm, textile artist

Jan Persson, painting inspired by an August Strindberg story

Elisabeth Carlsson, textile artist

More art vitrines, the remaining will come later this week.

The opening, in Göteborg inner city shopping area, was a nice and friendly event. A curious crowd walked around as darkness fell over the city and all artists said a few words about their work. Many of us had thought about the human fragility this season; in different ways compassionate.

After this, we all went to hear the mayor of Göteborg hold a really embarrassing opening speech for the whole Christmas event, and for a moment I felt ashamed of being a part of this. But, I finally decided to only feel responsibility for my own intentions and my own work, with the hope that something good will come out of it.

Göran Johansson, the mayor, totally didn't mention for example how meaningful light is in dark times, or the importance of sharing a celebration, or the awareness of not adding to climate disaster by wasting energy. Or even Christmas! Instead he greedily went straight on to say how good this event is for making tourists pay for hotel rooms and for business. Shame.

In spite of this, it turned out a fun evening! And I love my illuminated city, more photos will follow before lights are switched off.

andra shows the starry sky this weekend, snowman celebration in the woods.
Kira Kotliar makes angels.


paula said...

Fin fina bilder, som vanligt!
Jag ska också ut med kamera någon kväll och fota fina ljusarrangemang.
Ha det sååååå himla gött!

Bibbi said...

Hur snabb är du? Knappt har bläcket torkat! ha det fint!

mansuetude said...

Can't help but like the thinker behind this post... the ideas expressed of being responsible for your own work, and not carrying the shame of a mayor who speaks of coins.

Great photos, and the top one especially, it seems trapped in a glass box, and so out of its realm of hopes, even with all those lights on it. Nice works.

Bibbi said...

Thank you mansuetude!
It was no surprise, I knew fully well I was part of an event with commercial outlines, and I had done my best within the format. As all the artists and the light designers and technicians and shop keepers and visitors and... All deserved to hear something higher, he was so disappointing.

Today I had more time to read your blog, and wish I had a richer English to express more. It's inspiring to read what you write!

heather smith jones said...

Your city is very beautiful, I'm glad you're out enjoying it. I'm sorry the mayor seems to have missed an opportunity to be inspiring. You have enough inspiration to go around though thankfully!

The textile artist's work is interesting too.

mansuetude said...

Yes! I think we all do
crave "something higher"
from our politicians,
but it comes a time to leave that outer craving and like you did, go into your own work, open your own voice out, light the darkness ourselves. What we crave is going to be give,=n, I think it is locked inside ourselves.

Thanks! Anyone who tries to read my blog must do so with a very patient heart. I am not always sure what I will do there. Peace to your heart.

Bibbi said...

Mansuetude, I'll practice my patience on the mayor, your blog is for inspiration and maybe challenge :)