Monday, 10 December 2007

ceramics and print

Afsaneh Monemi, ceramic and Shahla Parvizi, painting

Afsaneh Monemi and I are the two ceramic artists at the new members group show, KC Väst. Afsaneh hand builds her high fragile forms, the surfaces are slip painted and printed. Because of the size she builds a ceramic fibre kiln around each sculpture for firing. She works the same way with children groups. Small people work together on large scale pieces, results are fantastic but I can't find any good pictures.

For the prints she uses drawings in a direct photocopy mono print technique, that ceramic artist Paul Scott once shared. Paul's Cumbrian Blue(s) webpage, new blog and his book Ceramics and print.

Paul has curated ceramic print shows and written a number of articles about other artists ceramic prints, like Robert Dawson Aesthetic sabotage

My very free interpretation of a lotus fruit shape, one of the pieces on show at KC.

For the show I chose to show both previous and recent work. It might be more recognizable, as a hello to all members of KC Väst, the West Swedish artist organisation that runs the gallery.

Today I've been really lazy, compensation for hectic last weeks. Will convince myself to move feet towards today's art advent calender opening at Första Långgatan. New piece every day at 6 pm, I've missed all so far!


Alexandra Hedberg said...

kunde tyvärr inte komma i lördags - sjukt barn! men hoppas kunna se utställningen i veckan - jag är nyfiken på att se din keramik "på riktigt"

Bibbi said...

Hej Alexandra! Jag gick ganska tidigt, fick känning av trött rygg och kunde inte riktigt stå still på hårt golv, så vi skulle nog inte ha träffats ändå i lördags. Det får bli ett annat tillfälle, det blir det säkert. Hoppas barn kryat på sig!