Saturday, 4 October 2008

week summary

I don't understand why. First I take a month off from the office job to get more time for studio work. Then I jump on all kinds of other things and don't get much more time for studio work at all. Please explain.

But it's been an interesting and fun week, altogether:
- Discussions on how to develop Konstepidemin and organize the staff for a future with new projects.
- A visit to a school; the atmosphere in the teacher's room still makes me feel insecure like a twelve years old (cup photo from their well organized coffee corner).
- Discussions on how to bring artists into school's work.
- And in between some clay work, too.

I'm slowly updating the Konstepidemin website, one step at the time. The English part still looks horrible but I'm happy to show the Swedish "what's up".

Bumped into Paula at an exhibition opening, she posts: Same same but better at the Röhss museum. Twelve jewelry artists discussing original and copies in an innovative way.

Kajsa Åman is a gem herself and one of the 12. She created a slightly more sophisticated copy of a 20 dollar piece of shopping mall jewellery using only precious gemstones and platinum. She spotlights the fact that a lot of cheap material jewellery consists of unsafe materials like lead (to bring more weight and thus give a feeling of being more valuable). Not good for me and not good for the factory worker.

Today; off to look at Jill Lindströms opening at Galleri PS. From another show here, article (Swedish) here.
Recycled table at WeFew, via An Indian Summer


paula lindblom said...

Hej Bibbi!

Vilka fiiiiiiiiiina höstbilder du fått till! Måste också ta mig ut, har varit och är snorförkyld + jobb som behöver utföras...

Vad fint det var med alla koppar på väggen, ett vardags konstverk, som inspirerar.

Allt gott, vi syns!


Olha Pryymak said...

great exercise this is - to give a summary for the week. A bit of a self-disciplining trick that I would love to pick up. The coffee mug collection is mind blowing, xo.