Friday, 24 October 2008

götheborg II

This is the replica ship of Götheborg, that sunk in 1745, just outside the city harbor. The original ship is where all my porcelain mosaic pieces come from. The new ship made it to China and back in one piece and toured the Baltic sea last summer. Now it's parked for winter, close to "my" buildings. Smells from linseed oil and tar, I love it.

This week was full of technical issues, but now mosaic work runs smoothly. You can learn from my mistakes.

We started a — NEW BLOG — at Konstepidemin, seemed a natural step after updating the website. There are so many things going on there and I've always felt a few steps behind even if I've posted a few.
Happy to invite you there,, click "blog".

Tomorrow show openings 12-16:
kinetic sculptures by Peter Kruse
jewellery by Peter Skubic at Hnoss
work by Petra Borén and
14.00 football/art talk by Per (short form of Peter) Agelii an Jan Stigland. I'll definitely go for the football event.

Karin Landahl has studio sale, knit wear, 11-16.
Carina Fihn's guest artist of the month

Wish you a lovely weekend!


Anonymous said...

I loved the ship. We went to see it this summer in Helsinki and I thought it was beautiful and so much hand crafted work has gone into it. You can maybe also imagine that my two little boys were almost as excited as I was :)

Bibbi said...

It is fantastic, like you say. I think all people who worked with it one way or the other is very much engaged. Since years and years!