Friday, 17 October 2008

karin seufert

Karin Seufert, show at hnoss gallery. She kidnaps well known brand symbols (see the pumas?) and uses them her own way. Article here (Swedish)

They seem to have a real good time at the workshop Taking parts. 12 jewellery artists in concentrated silence over recycled materials. Will show photos next time.

Don't miss the events this weekend; workshop show tomorrow and seminar Sunday, read prevoius post.

Recycling: clothes swap project, what a good idea, article (in Swedish)
How we say hello, duo photo blog by Sandra and Famapa

Peace and joy for the weekend!


Camilla Engman said...

Vad fint allt ser ut!
Ha en skön helg, Bibbi.

Alexandra Hedberg said...

vad kul med att hon använder logos - det gör jag med ... t ex puman!