Saturday, 11 October 2008

Stockholm lights

Top photo of the fountain outside Stockholm Fair, by Mikael Pauli and Dag Birkeland. Just wonderful smoke, sound and light show.
More and better photos here, video here.

Stockholm subway stations are amazing, like being inside of treasure caves of art. Kungsträdgården, by Ulrik Samuelsson is a favorite. I haven't seen the newer suburb stations in real life yet, they seem worth the trip.

Here a slide show with some of the almost 100 stations.
Here is a slide show with the full subway art history (in Swedish).
Stockholm by pixels, blog

Yesterday was the annual Kulturnatta, Culture night, here in Göteborg. I was too full, stayed content at home and read Jenny Diski On trying to keep still. I kept still though I know I missed plenty. Wish you a peaceful weekend.


ece eryeler said...

Hi Bibbi, I am falowing your blog for a while. And I wanted to thank for your photos and links. I love to fallow the lifes from the different parts of the world. I will link your blog, please write me if you mind. And thanks for todays subway links, Stockholm subway stations are really far out.

Bibbi said...

I don't mind at all, quite the opposite. It was nice to get a message from Istanbul :)

Drömma-Lotta said...

Here's another Stockholm subway lover :-)

Välkommen till Drömma och tack för fin kommentar på bloggen.
(Såg idag).
/Drömma Lotta